Presenting... Licor 43


Bristol Burlesque Festival is proud to announce that for 2019 we are partnered with the FABULOUS, Licor 43, the taste of Pure Passion! Capturing a delicious blend of 43 ingredients from the Mediterranean basin, part of a closely regarded family secret for generations, this incredible Liqueur will be featured as one #BBF2017's most captivating guests. 

The legend tells us that Licor 43 began 2,000 years ago in the Mediterranean city of Cartagena, Spain. Here, locals produced a delicious golden elixir from fruit and herbs gathered from the surrounding countryside. Conquering Romans showed their admiration of the drink by naming it "Liquor Mirabilis".

Today, Licor 43 is still produced in Cartagena, from a secret Spanish family recipe of selected Mediterranean citrus fruits and botanicals. This premium liqueur, enjoyed across the globe, emits a bright golden glow and the diversity of ingredients and perfect balance of sugars and alcohol deliver deliciously smooth layered flavours of vanilla, citrus and caramel.


You can enjoy this beautiful product responsibly, as part of an exclusive cocktail experience at both Bristol Burlesque Festival Presents: RENEGADES and PARADISE in the extra special curated lounge bar at the Improv Theatre on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September.


Pink Kitten Dance School


Pink Kitten are highly passionate about alternative and fun forms of fitness and dance such as pole dancing, aerial hammock, burlesque and exotic dance, and the benefits that can come from learning it. Their classes are more than just dance or fitness classes, they bring empowerment and boost confidence, sometimes life changingly so.


Pink Kitten was founded in  Bristol in early 2004, out of a passion for Burlesque and Pole Dancing, and the benefits that learning them can bring women. The school is now run by  Tabitha Tease who saw an opportunity to continue the work that she loved.  Tabitha currently teaches many of the classes and Hen parties whilst running the school so you will no doubt see her around or speak with her on the phone.


Pink Kitten will be representing at our Saturday night PARADISE showcase with an exclusive pole lounge in the Improv theatre, their unbelievable skill basis and super badassitude will have your jaws on the floor so make sure you check them out NOW!


Pink Kitten has gone from strength to strength over the years and not only is it one of the top schools of its type, but it is a real female business success story.

Tony Barrett Powell Photography

Tony takes pictures of people and the things they do, whether portraits or at concerts, events or weddings, he aims to capture the moment and that special something which makes each person unique. When he has time, he also takes pictures of other things, especially nature.


TBP Photography is the official CoochieCrunch photographer and has produced some of our all time favourite performance shots! Be sure to visit his website to check out his amazing work!

Becky Hardy Videography

 Becky Hardy is the official videographer for both CoochieCrunch and Bristol Burlesque Festival.

She is an expert at capturing our power, movement and grace and an essential part of the Bristol Burlesque Festival team.

You can catch her on Twitch HERE and on Youtube HERE.

If you are interested in sponsoring the festival, please contact us via email for a sponsorship pack:

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